Why Us

One tiny, 3-letter word has created huge
problems for the real estate industry:


Yep, over the past few decades we’ve
been so busy promoting and marketing
ourselves, that our focus has drifted away
from the people we’re contracted to serve:

Our clients.

It’s time to correct this imbalance.
It’s time to deliver a real estate sales model
that puts our clients at the heart
of everything we do.

Near Me. Ego-free.

At Near Me, we’re more interested in
selling our clients’ houses, than selling
ourselves.This is true even down to the FOR SALE
signs you’ll see stuck into front lawns
around your neighbourhood. Here you’ll
notice we’ve done something pretty
radical. Instead of taking up half the sign
with a glossy photo of a smiling, suited-up
agent, we’ve decided to use the entire sign
to show a glossy photo of the actual home
that’s for sale.

Crazy, right?

Perhaps not when you ask yourself who
you’d be more confident working with…
a real estate agency that uses every
consumer touchpoint to generate interest
in your home? Or one that uses every
consumer touchpoint to help generate
interest in themselves?

We are often asked, “Why should we use Near Me Real Estate to sell my house in Perth?” we’ll usually refer them to the analogy below.


One of the defining characteristics of an ego-free individual, is their absolute willingness to put the needs of others ahead of their own.In the case of Near Me, we are that ‘ego-free individual’ and the ‘others’ are the clients relying on us to sell their property. We can never forget how important it is to meet, and surpass, their expectations.

In fact, if our clients formed part of a house, they’d be the foundation. Everything we do is built around them. And, just like the foundations of a real home, without our clients we could not exist.

We quite like this housing analogy, so bear with us as we expand it out visually.


If clients are our foundation, what can we build around them to keep them feeling secure, in control and totally informed? That’s where our tech’ comes in.

By ‘tech’ we mean Near Me’s unique, digital platform that allows clients to:

  • Track the progress of their sale without needing to contact the agent.
  • Receive live, immediate feedback from prospective buyers inspecting your property.
  • See any offers that are being made… in real time.
  • Basically, Near Me’s digital platform is the window to our house. Allowing clients to peer inside (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to see exactly what’s going on with their sale.

Like a nice, freshly cleaned window, it offers complete transparency. Our happy customers often say, “Near Me is the most transparent option to sell my home in Perth”


Research tells us that clients often feel suspicious, (which is a polite way of saying ‘ripped off’) when it comes to real estate agencies’ fees.

Luckily, we’re not your average real estate agency.

Thanks to Near Me’s lean structure and tech-based approach, we’ve been able to generate two types of savings that directly benefit our clients:

Dollars: the money we save allows us to put more into the marketing and promotion of your property and charge less in fees.

Time: our streamlined ‘tech and systems frees up a huge amount of our agents’ time. Which means instead of filling in paperwork and driving back and forth to Head Office, your agent gets to devote more of their day to what they do best: selling your property.


And so stands the house that Near Me built.It’s not flashy, rather it’s a destination that’s been built- for-purpose. A home sales model designed to provide high functionality, and total comfort, to our clients.

(Plus, we know where to put our egos come bin night.) We hope you feel right at home here.