When is the best time of year to be selling a home in Perth’s coastal areas?

The reason that spring is so widely regarded to be the best time of year to sell your house is that after the cold, dark, gloomy months of winter, everyone is emerging from hibernation and eager to get out there viewing properties and making real estate decisions.

This is such a common trend among prospective homebuyers, in fact, that demand for real estate goes up in spring… and so do property prices.

This is especially true for beachside areas that are particularly appealing in the warmer months. Whereas many Perth suburbs are currently experiencing a decrease in property values, areas like Cottesloe, Trigg and Hillarys continue to rise.

Then there’s the more obvious reasons why spring is the ideal home-selling season: the sun is out and flowers are in full bloom, so even the most mediocre gardens tend to look their best in spring. Investing a little time in your garden during this season will do wonders for first impressions when you’re ready for home opens.

Does the afternoon sun penetrate your ocean-view windows for a solid few hours every day throughout summer? Perhaps the second storey of your house traps all the day’s heat and remains a hotbox long after the sun has gone down. If so, this isn’t a desirable environment for home opens.

Spring is an ideal time to showcase homes that are unbearably hot or exposed to a lot of glare in summer, as well as homes that are dark, drab and dreary in winter.

In general, spring is that time of year where people start to cheer up and become active again after several months of laying low. It’s a period of enthusiasm and confidence, which carries over into the real estate market.

Does warmer weather equate to higher sale prices?

It’s true, homes in Perth’s coastal suburbs are designed for summer. When the sun’s out, the days are long and the beach is crowded, this is when Perth’s western suburbs properties are in their best form.

However, that doesn’t mean summer is the ideal time to try and sell one…

December and January are considered bad months to sell a property, given that people are away on holidays, tying up loose ends at work, making changes and generally preoccupied with other matters.

So where does that leave the average Perth homeowner looking to sell their property in the coming months?

Homeowners often have unrealistic expectations about their timelines for selling a property. Consider that the following tasks need to be carried out before a property is ready to sell, and that it’s common for homeowners to be doing this while juggling a full-time job:

  • Declutter
  • Make any necessary repairs and assessments
  • Spruce the place up a bit
  • Have professional photographs taken (highly recommended if you want your house to look as inviting as its fellow advertised properties on the real estate page).

By the time you get these things done, you’re looking at a minimum of four weeks between the decision to sell, and having the house ready to advertise.

Considering it’s likely to be on the market for around four weeks before a sale is finalised, beginning preparations right this minute means it’s likely to be mid-November by the time it sells; just in time for summer.

For houses in Perth’s coastal areas or western suburbs, the ideal timing is right now.

You’ll be showcasing your property for home opens in the peak of spring, with a beautiful garden and beach-side businesses near your house beginning to get more lively and attractive in the build-up to summer.

Remember, all the main perks of your house’s location are centred around summer – close proximity to the beach, large open spaces and public parks, a multitude of coastal bars and cafes, and so on.

Prospective homebuyers don’t want to wait until halfway through summer to move in; they want to be settled into their new Scarborough home by the time summer hits, so they can stroll down to the beach and enjoy Scarborough Sunset Markets on Thursday nights, for example.

Of course, if you’re not quite ready to prepare your house for sale just yet, there are benefits to waiting until the peak of summer. By advertising your property in January/February, you’re dealing with less competitors and potentially have a higher chance of standing out in an undersupplied summer real estate market.

So, to wrap up…

While the old saying “spring is the best time to sell your house” doesn’t ring true for all properties, it’s certainly the case for properties in Perth’s coastal areas and western suburbs.