Improvement for messy intersection at Scarborough Beach Road, Main Street, Green Street and Brady Street


The ‘messy’ intersection

The “messy” intersection of Scarborough Beach Road, Main Street, Green Street and Brady Street is set to be improved.

The cities of Vincent and Stirling sought community feedback on Main Roads WA’s first draft design for upgrades to the intersection.

The proposed design features a roundabout at the intersection of Scarborough Beach Road and Green Street and upgrades to cycling routes, pedestrian infrastructure and landscaping.

The two-stage road crossing from westbound Green Street onto Scarborough Beach Road will be removed.

A safe right-turn option from westbound Scarborough Beach Road on to Green Street and a right-turn from eastbound Scarborough Beach Road to Brady Street will be provided.

There will also be a new shared path south of Scarborough Beach Road between Main Street/Brady Street, extended on-road cycle lanes along Scarborough Beach Road, a Green Street roundabout, a raised pedestrian crossing on Scarborough Beach Road and pedestrian green crossings at the Main Street traffic lights.

The one-way access into Birrell Street will be closed to accommodate the proposed roundabout.

The designs are expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2020, with either Vincent or Stirling building it.

The proposed upgrades come after Main Roads and the two councils installed new pavement markings and signage to provide a single lane entry into Scarborough Beach Road eastbound.

The draft concept design of the intersection.
The draft concept design of the intersection. Credit: Main Roads WA

Between 2015 and 2019 there were 85 crashes at the intersection of Scarborough Beach and Green Street, and 46 crashes at the intersection of Scarborough Beach, Main Street and Brady Street.

The $3 million project was funded by the State Government through a 2017 election commitment by Perth MLA John Carey and Balcatta MLA David Michael.

It was formed after community consultation by Mr Carey, letter drops and a community workshop in November.

Vincent Council voted to support the draft design and provide the community’s comments to Main Roads WA at its May 19 meeting.

This comes after Main Roads introduced an interim measure to funnel more traffic down Green Street, with additional signage and road-line markings.

Mayor Emma Cole said she was very happy with where the design had landed because it attracted a bit of scrutiny from the community when the City held a forum with Mr Carey last year.

The draft concept design of the intersection.
The draft concept design of the intersection. Credit: Main Roads WA

“I think it is going to be a fantastic opportunity to upgrade the pedestrian crossing at that intersection which is currently just a mess,” she said.

“It has just been a headache and a mystery for all these years for people that haven’t actually safely used this intersection and where to stop and who has the right of way.

“We will have the ability to do a right-hand turn from Scarborough Beach Road down into Brady Street which was an issue for local residents in Mt Hawthorn because you weren’t able to do a right-hand turn and you were getting a rat-run in residential streets.

“I think even the line-markings that have happened in the last few months has been helpful.”

A City of Stirling spokesperson said the City was generally supportive of the proposal.

“The intersection has been the subject of ongoing concerns for many years in relation to road safety issues and difficulties for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists,” they said.

“It is therefore considered to be a high priority project for the City.

“The upgrades will greatly improve safety and efficiency for all road users.

“It will also assist in eliminating several rat-running movements through local roads, which impact the local residents and cause further road safety issues.”

Main Roads spokesman Dean Roberts said the project aimed to make the intersections safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists while minimising the impact on traffic congestion to and from Glendalough Station.

“The proposals also include major improvements to pedestrian and cycling facilities at these two intersections whilst proposing parklets, tree canopy and upgrades to landscaping for a more vibrant and attractive public space,” he said.

“Proposed landscaping treatment include additional planting and landscaping around the Gibney Avenue cul-de-sac to improve the public area and shrubs in front of the currently vacant car dealership on the north-west corner.

“Together with the parklet on the north-east corner of the intersection and the enhancements at the Green Street roundabout, the project area will be transformed into an attractive, pedestrian friendly space.”

Mr Roberts said all feedback gathered from community consultation would be taken into consideration along with traffic modelling.


Source: PerthNow