6 design trends shaping our homes in 2020: Part II


The size of an average house built in 2018/19 is 228.8 square metres, that is a 1.3 per cent decrease from last year. Often, this steady decrease in property sizes translates into backyard and entertaining areas that are smaller. Luckily, whatever sized space you have to work with, from vertical gardens to built-in furniture and water features, there are countless ways to create an exceptional outdoor room to entertain, relax and spend time with the family.
“Australians love the outdoors but are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve the right balance between indoor-outdoor living, especially when you have less space to play with”,” explained Jason Hodges, DIY landscaper and Adbri Masonry ambassador.
Don’t have room for a vegie garden? Try an edible vertical garden instead! Photo: Shannon McGrath
“No matter what size your outside space, you can create a beautiful backyard oasis for relaxing and entertaining family and friends. My top tip is to take time in planning and aim to create a functional outdoor sanctuary that makes the most of your space to create the perfect getaway from the everyday.”


When it comes to aesthetics, the past decade has seen Hamptons-style surge in popularity both inside and outside of the home but, will it remain a firm favourite as we move into a new decade?
“The Hamptons style home will evolve from its traditional classic blue and white into an Australian look that imitates its unique landscapes, with the additions of muted greens and mustards” says principle at Indah Island and James Hardie ambassador, Natalee Bowen.
Introduce earthy hues like green and mustard to give your Hamptons style home an Australian flavour.
Introduce earthy hues like green and mustard to give your Hamptons style home an Australian flavour.
“We’re more informal than the “high-society” Americans that created the look and that will come through more in the next decade, says Natalee.
“Linea weatherboard will remain a staple for those trying to create a Hamptons style home exterior, due to its ability to cope with our climate, while elements of other design styles will be added to create fresh looks,” she adds.


Classic Blue may be Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2020 but, if you’re looking to update your interior colour scheme or home décor, earthy tones and warm neutrals are expected to be one of the top interior design trends for the year ahead.
“We will see the return of neutrals and warmer, earthy hues in home designs, such as mustard, terracotta, and rusty, muddy colours that will work nicely to create sanctuary spaces,” says Christal Fyentzou, interiors and design consultant and founder of Zou Build.

“Nostalgia has always been an influential force on trends, especially when it comes to the way we style our homes. In 2020 we will see a movement toward blend old and new, with antique and contemporary pieces sitting perfectly together, to achieve unique spaces that reflect their owners.”

Source: https://www.homestolove.com.au/home-design-trends-2020-20951