Top 7 spring gardening jobs

Green thumb season is upon us

With green thumb season upon us, it can be overwhelming knowing what to plant and where. Turns out that 75 per cent of Aussies are maintaining their gardens without professional help.

“Spring is a colourful time of the year in the garden with plenty of beautiful perennials and annuals in full bloom,” says Katy.

“For those living in the cooler southern states, petunias, snapdragons and geraniums can add a beautiful pop of colour and have your garden looking it’s best. While in warmer states like Queensland and Western Australia, try adding annuals like marigolds and zinnias to create colourful impact. The best vegetables to plant in spring are tomatoes, chillies, capsicums, cucumbers, salad greens, beetroot, peas and beans.”

Planting in the garden

Katy’s top 7 spring gardening jobs

1. Soil preparation is key to helping plants thrive throughout the year. For best results, improve your soil before planting with composts and manures, especially vegetable gardens. It’s also important to maintain a regular watering regime with a fortnightly application of a suitable vegetable fertilizer and seaweed extract to ensure strong, healthy growth

2. Protect tender seedlings from strong winds and late season frosts, plus use canes and trellis for support as plants grow throughout spring. Check regularly for pests and diseases, use relevant products to control nasties before they cause any damage to your plants

Plant in dirt

3. Keep weeds at bay, either pull them out by hand or use a spray that targets the weeds, but not your vegetables.

4. Plant fruit trees now into rich soils, water regularly and protect them from strong winds

5. Flower beds also love soil improvers and rich composts to help them thrive. Check your irrigation system is in good working order and apply water-saving mulches to garden beds


6. Choose from a wide range of cottage plants to create a beautiful flowering display that lasts for many months. Lavenders are looking at their best right now, geraniums are a great hardy plant that thrives as the weather warms up

7. Most flowering plants benefit from a light prune after flowering, remove old, dead flower heads to encourage new growth.

Source: BHG