How to style your coffee table like an interior designer

We’ve all seen those picture-perfect coffee tables or desks while scrolling through social media and wondered how to get your stack of books and plants looking just ‘so’. Neale Whitaker has the scoop on how to style your desk or coffee table like a professional.

A coffee table needs to straddle being useful, functional and decorative. The coffee table I have in my living room doubles up as the dining table if we’re eating while watching TV, as well as being the place I like to put my feet up on. It should look beautiful, but also function as a working piece of furniture.

Soft-top tables

Some people use a soft-top table or a bench seat for their coffee table. If you do have one of those beautiful leather or fabric ottomans, you can still style them exactly as you need to by adding a hard surface to rest your items on. A large tray on top of the furniture will make it more practical to style.

Size matters

Coffee tables should be generous to be functional, small ones don’t really work. Even if you’re in a small space, don’t skimp on the coffee table. You want something you feel comfortable putting your feet up on, with enough room for a wine glass, TV remote and your decorative items. Think of it as a working piece of furniture. Some people have coffee tables that are purely works of art.

What to include

I put beautiful books on there, so if we have guests coming around I’ll usually put my favourite or most recently-acquired coffee table books, but not too many. It’ll also inevitably have a couple of scented candles. The wine glasses and ice bucket will probably go there, too.


Source: Lifestyle